The Reminder

It’s hanging in her closet. Still in the dry-clean plastic. So beautiful. Thoughtfully, hand-picked. The fit just right. The color perfect. I often wonder how long it’s been there. How long has the planning been complete? What are the other things she wants and doesn’t want? She’s mentioned a few. What else does my mom… Continue reading The Reminder

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The Greatest

What is your greatest fear? When I was a kid, I was fearless. I would climb trees, pick up snakes and crawdads, ride my bike everywhere, and generally do anything I wanted to do with no fear. Fear is learned, but what about those fears that are realistic, those we have no control over? If… Continue reading The Greatest

High Cost

It’s hard explaining to kids the difference between a want and a need. Often, we adults don’t get it either, buying anything and everything we want thinking it’s a need and will make us happy. Perhaps we’ve told our kids, “That costs too much” or “The price is too high” when they’ve asked us for… Continue reading High Cost


In previous blogs I have talked about crying. I cry a lot. Happy, sad, and anger are all emotions that can sometimes bring me to tears. However, there is no other place that can bring me to tears like worshipping does almost every Sunday. I think about the fact that Jesus died for even me!… Continue reading Passion


I was privileged to go to Washington D.C. twice with each of my daughters on their 8th grade trips. During one of those, we were able to tour the White House. I was amazed at the security. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, after all it is where the President lives. As we got to… Continue reading Names

Weavin’ and Bobbin’

As a young driver, sometime my friends and I would drive rather carelessly, as teenagers tend to do. It’s a wonder we’re all alive. We called it weavin’ and bobbin’ as we tried to get around slower cars. One of the roads I take to work is getting ready to be paved. It has been… Continue reading Weavin’ and Bobbin’

Under My Feet

When I was a kid, my mom accidentally ran over my foot with the car. On two separate occasions! As the driver, my mom had listened for all the car doors to shut, but she didn’t know I was still getting in the car. I remember it felt as if someone had stepped on my… Continue reading Under My Feet

With These Words

I’ve heard that it comes in threes. Death. So, I always wait to see who will be next. A family member? A friend? Who? This past week it was four. Four people I knew; some better than others. Death. The Bible says we will all face it. But there’s hope. So let me encourage you… Continue reading With These Words

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To the Table

Being at private schools as a student and as a teacher, I have noticed how many songs we sing in chapel that can have difficult meanings. I’m not sure the kids know what all the words mean. One such song I can remember singing is called “His Banner Over us is Love.” Like most kids,… Continue reading To the Table

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Promised Land

Some people in the church today complain about the song service at their congregation. Some like the older songs, while others prefer newer ones. Hopefully, most of the song leaders at congregations do a good job of intertwining the old hymns with the newer ones as we sing praises to our God and uplift each… Continue reading Promised Land