That Stinks!

As I get older, it seems some things bother me more than they used to. Like smells. There are times when I smell something really bad and think I might throw up! I ask myself, how long can I hold my breath? Each day I try to wear scented lotion or perfume to be a… Continue reading That Stinks!

Lighten Up, Francis!

Have you ever been told something about yourself meant as correctional criticism? I’m sure most of us have by a friend, parent, or boss. Last year I was told I was intense. I already knew this about myself. I’m a rule follower (for the most part :)) If I care about something, sometimes I can… Continue reading Lighten Up, Francis!

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Lay It Down

When I was younger and played school sports, I was good enough to win some trophies. One of the first ones I ever won was in 8th grade playing volleyball. I remember at the end of the season banquet my coach said she’d created the category of ‘Rookie of the Year’ so she could acknowledge… Continue reading Lay It Down

Grace Upon Grace

A few weeks ago, our minister made a comment that really hit me square in the face. He said, “Sometimes God wants us to experience His grace more than His healing.” Repeat that phrase again. Think about it. How many times have we prayed for someone or ourselves to get well or feel better? They… Continue reading Grace Upon Grace


How deep the Father’s love for us,How vast beyond all measure,That He should give His only SonTo make a wretch His treasure.How great the pain of searing loss –The Father turns His face away,As wounds which mar the Chosen OneBring many sons to glory. Behold the man upon a cross,My sin upon His shoulders;Ashamed, I… Continue reading How DEEP?

One More River

I grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s. While desegregation had already occurred and people were supposed to have equal rights, they didn’t. Perhaps they still do not. It’s weird in ‘the church’ how we have sometimes divided congregations by the white church and the black church. We’ve probably all said it even… Continue reading One More River


At my Daddy’s funeral visitation almost 10 years ago, a friend’s parents came. I had met Mrs. W before but not Mr. W. When Mrs. W. introduced me to Mr. W, she said, “This is the infamous, Laurel!” If you look up the definition for infamous, it says well known for some bad quality or… Continue reading Infamous

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Give Me Your Ear

As I get older, I am having more and more trouble hearing. I have had my hearing checked and am not at the ‘needing a hearing aid’ point…yet. But I do find myself asking people to repeat their words, and many times I am bending over to let them get closer to my ear so… Continue reading Give Me Your Ear

Left Behind

For all who have been left…. I fell by the wayside, like everyone elseI hate you, I hate you, I hate youBut I was just kidding myselfOur every moment, I start to replace‘Cause now that they’re goneAll I hear are the words that I needed to sayWhen you hurt under the surfaceLike troubled water running… Continue reading Left Behind

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