This picture in a way makes me sad. I know what this feels like. An empty nest. The mother works so hard to make the nest perfect for her eggs and little babies. Then it is empty. But on a more positive note, the mother goes on to make another nest as in the case… Continue reading Gone


Do you like to be alone? Sometimes I do. Have you ever felt lonely? Probably we all have. We can feel lonely in a crowd of people. In our Sunday Bible class we studied the book of Mark. Our teacher pointed out how alone Jesus was after His arrest. He was treated horribly. Beaten. Thorns… Continue reading Alone

Not Today!

This life, as we know it, is full of pain and disappointment. If it’s not in our own lives, it’s all around us. In our friends, family, our own selves. How do we overcome? How do we keep on going day after day? How do we get through it when the pain, physical or emotional,… Continue reading Not Today!


I’ve talked about expectations in my blog before, but I thought I’d share another idea. This past weekend we were blessed to be able to go camping with friends and family. In one of our conversations, expectations came up. My friend said she focuses on the Bible verse Psalm 5:3. From the NIV it says:… Continue reading Watching


This morning I can’t help but be thinking about David. My daily Bible reading continues in 2 Samuel with his life and struggles. I think of David as the great king, but I forget all the sorrow he had in his life. The sins, the death of his sons and friends, and the betrayals. It’s… Continue reading Sorrow

Are you blind?!?

One of my sister’s favorite people in the Bible is David, and rightly so! He was called ‘a man after God’s own heart.’ That can mean different things to each of us. This morning’s daily Bible reading was David and Bathsheba. David sinned greatly, committing adultery, murder, and trying to cover it all up. But… Continue reading Are you blind?!?

What’s that smell?

Have you ever smelled something that was so bad you thought you might get sick? Have you ever smelled anything so good that you couldn’t help but continue to sniff so you could relive that wonderful smell over and over? Then, there are the times I go to my mom’s house and smell my daddy… Continue reading What’s that smell?

The Game

When I was growing up, I loved to play board games. I still love to play them! Yesterday, in our Bible class, the teacher used the analogy that life is like this: we think we have it all together, then someone flips over the game board and all the pieces go flying! This is so… Continue reading The Game


Why do we have to have signs like this? Don’t we know we have to push the door open or pull it? Don’t we know where the exits are located? Don’t we know to be cautious or yield? Don’t we know? No, we don’t know and that is the problem! This is why we need… Continue reading Signs