Send Them

I have a good friend whose spiritual gift is making cards and giving them to others. She is very humble about it, but her cards have helped me and so many others.

It was 10 weeks yesterday since my mother died. You may not know, but she died the day before my birthday. We went on a planned vacation 3 days after the funeral, and when we returned home and got the mail, I had so many cards both birthday and sympathy.

I read each and every one of them! They mean so much to me still that I have them in a keepsake box. One day my kids will see them and while I am sure they will throw them away (and that is ok), I want them to know the cards were special to me and that is why I kept them.

It doesn’t take much effort at all to send a card. I have been trying to follow my friend’s example and be better about sending an encouraging note to someone just to let them know I am thinking and praying for them.

Like my friend does, pay it forward to others!

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