Have Mercy!

The picture below was my view this morning as I drank my first cup of coffee. My first thought as I sat there looking at God’s majestical creation was “His mercies are new every morning.” We sing the song and say the words, but do we get it? Really get it? Do we know how… Continue reading Have Mercy!

Straight Ahead

A few weeks ago, I was suffering with positional vertigo also known as BPPV. I could not get treatment that day, so I sat on the couch all day just looking straight ahead. When I had to get up, it was slow going looking to neither the left or the right. If you’ve ever had… Continue reading Straight Ahead

Father’s Day 2021

It’s hard to believe my Daddy will have been gone 10 years this September. In some ways it seems like yesterday. He taught me many things. Things I needed to know for life. How to check the oil in my car. How to change a flat tire. Life lessons. But one thing I remember he… Continue reading Father’s Day 2021


As we come up on Father’s Day, I am remembering not only my own Daddy but also my daughter’s father-in-law, Randy Mann. For those reading this post and don’t know, he died 2 1/2 weeks before their wedding. It’s ironic. My Daddy and Randy were very similar in their senses of humor. They both loved… Continue reading Lifespan

The Best Day Ever

What is your best day ever? I love the movie City Slickers. There is one scene when the guys are moseying along and talking. They asked each other what is your best day, and each in turn answers in this scene. Yesterday in worship, we had a speaker from World Broadcasting come and preach. He… Continue reading The Best Day Ever

Banana Pudding

When my Daddy was still alive, he loved my mom’s homemade banana pudding. I have the recipe and remember making it for him once when they were over for dinner. There’s only one thing about this recipe… You have to constantly stir. I’m talking for a what seems like a long, long time. Actually, it’s… Continue reading Banana Pudding


Often times we are asked by friends “What can I do to help?” I know I’ve asked it myself. What is the answer? Usually it is pray for me and that is the best thing we can do for someone and many times the only thing. But this morning I’m thinking of one more thing…… Continue reading Help!


In one of my Bibles beside 1 Thessalonians 4, I have the names written of some people who have died. The latest one is Randy Mann, my daughter’s soon to be father-in-law. He, like all of us will be, was buried in the ground in a grave. That grave is full for now. But there… Continue reading Empty!


When I was young, I played all the sports I could. Most of those sports required running. Running up and down a court, running the bases, or running just to get into shape. I do not like to run. I never have except when playing a sport. I can’t run anymore (unless I had to).… Continue reading Running