Banana Pudding

When my Daddy was still alive, he loved my mom’s homemade banana pudding. I have the recipe and remember making it for him once when they were over for dinner. There’s only one thing about this recipe…

You have to constantly stir. I’m talking for a what seems like a long, long time. Actually, it’s only for a few minutes, but your arm will get tired.

As we sat in worship last Sunday, I couldn’t help but think of him and banana pudding. We sang the song There’s a Stirring. If you don’t know this song, listen to it, and I hope you get the chill bumps like it gives me.

If God isn’t constantly stirring our hearts or we at least some time during the day feel that stirring, perhaps we need to look at ourselves closer. Are we open to His stirring? Are we so thick that He can’t stir us?

Do you have that stirring? Will you bow down one day and lay your crown at His precious and wounded feet?

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  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about since my mother used to make banana pudding when I was a kid. It was the best treat we had back then right after supper. How sweet are the memories of my mother. Thank you Laurel for the reminder of the good ole days. Take care, I wish you well. Frank

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