Yesterday our inservice began for this upcoming school year. I am always excited to begin a new year for several reasons. But…this year is very different than any in the past I have been a part of and perhaps any ever in history. Because of the Covid pandemic, this school year is full of adjustments,… Continue reading Focus

The Best

My husband and I really like to go ‘antiquing.’ We like to shop for old things that are unique, and sometimes we are able to find some very interesting things. Often times we see things people have made in the way of cross-stitching or some other needle project. The words below are from one I… Continue reading The Best


I really like genealogy. The discoveries, the plots of people’s lives, and the whys are so fascinating! Last Sunday during the sermon, our minister said one time he was asked to think of one perfect family in the Bible. He couldn’t. I couldn’t either. Can you? There are no perfect people and therefore, no perfect… Continue reading Imperfection

Just Take a Deep Breath!

What scares you? Really… What takes your breath away when you see it because you fear it so much? We’ve gotten into watching a show called Dirty Jobs. You’ve probably seen it or at least heard about it, but the host, Mike Rowe, finds people who do what he calls dirty jobs. On the episode… Continue reading Just Take a Deep Breath!

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Get Back Up!

A while back someone I love so very much was going through some tough times, to put it mildly. Thanks be to God, they made it out alive and are better for their struggles. I have heard it said we are either going into a struggle, living in a struggle, or coming out of a… Continue reading Get Back Up!

Stand Tall

We can stand tall in a crowd. We can stand up for what is right. We can make a difference! Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and foreigners” to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls.  Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they… Continue reading Stand Tall

Lay ‘Em Down

There are times in this world when things happen beyond our control and our lights get dim. Bad things…Pandemics…Murders…Injuries…Illnesses… It’s in those times I want to hide away at my farm. My light feels dim, and I can’t seem to make it shine. But…I know I can’t hide. That’s what satan wants me to do… Continue reading Lay ‘Em Down


You’ve heard, I’m sure, the saying “like a fish out of water,” but have you ever felt that way? A time when you knew you were out of your element, you had no idea what was happening, everything was beyond your control. You felt helpless which led to your being or, at the very least,… Continue reading Unstable