Just Take a Deep Breath!

What scares you? Really… What takes your breath away when you see it because you fear it so much?

We’ve gotten into watching a show called Dirty Jobs. You’ve probably seen it or at least heard about it, but the host, Mike Rowe, finds people who do what he calls dirty jobs. On the episode we watched last night, Mike went under a house, in a small attic, and up inside a buoy.

As I sat watching, there were times I literally couldn’t breath and had to take deep breaths in.

Under the house, in the attic, and inside that buoy were very tight spaces. (I just had to take a deep breath thinking about it!). I don’t like tight spaces!

My husband looked at me and asked if I would ever do that. Of course, I said emphatically NO!

The only way I would ever get into any space like that is if I had to rescue one of my kids, and even then, I may try to throw them a rope and pull them out instead.

Fears, I know, are learned behaviors. Growing up I don’t remember being scared of anything. I can’t tell you when I learned the fears I have. I know most of them are unrealistic, but they are there at least in my mind and my body reacts to them.

Heights and small spaces are the worst for me.

What fears do you have? Are they realistic? Where did you learn them?

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