I really like genealogy. The discoveries, the plots of people’s lives, and the whys are so fascinating!

Last Sunday during the sermon, our minister said one time he was asked to think of one perfect family in the Bible.

He couldn’t.

I couldn’t either. Can you?

There are no perfect people and therefore, no perfect families. That is definitely one thing I have learned in my genealogy searching.

I have ancestors who left spouses and children and even shipped them off to another state so they could be with a new spouse. I have ancestors who were arrested for one thing or another. I have ancestors who had children with no spouse or someone else’s spouse.

I have ancestors that were imperfect.

Just like me!

Maybe that’s why I like to find things out in my family tree. To see that even though they may have been Christians, they were still people who made mistakes.

We all make mistakes. We are only human. I am thankful God looks at me, sees all my blunders, and remembers that I am only a woman made from dust.

When I to get to Heaven, I will be excited to meet those who I have discovered in my genealogy and those I read about in the Bible and thank them for their example!

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