There’s a popular saying “Let go and let God.” We all know it’s easier said than done. Last Wednesday my youngest daughter’s college was on lockdown for an active shooter. I was in the middle of teaching class and started receiving all those texts of panic and worry. I did the only thing I knew… Continue reading Lockdown!

Empty Nothings

Have you ever been around that one person who, anytime he or she speaks, it is never, ever significant? Never important, never deep? Sometimes they even have ‘diarrhea of the mouth?’ Are you that type of person? I’m in Job in my daily reading. Job was in the middle of his suffering and needed encouragement.… Continue reading Empty Nothings

Only Jesus

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

Like, Love or What?

When we are kids growing up, we want to be accepted maybe more than anything. We want everyone to like us. We get upset when our school mates say things like, ‘You’re not my friend anymore.’ I see it even today in my students at school. But as an adult it is not much different.… Continue reading Like, Love or What?

Just Another Day

Today is my birthday. I woke up 52 years old. When we are kids, we get so excited about birthdays. I guess it’s the presents and attention we hope to receive. At what age do we start not wanting to celebrate birthdays? Maybe it’s not that we don’t want to celebrate. Maybe it’s the ‘been… Continue reading Just Another Day

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Who Am I?

Our minister has been preaching a sermon series on Identity. Who am I? How do I get my identity? At a recent job interview, one of the questions I was asked was, “What are three things the students you taught would say to describe you?” I answered off the cuff so to speak. But later… Continue reading Who Am I?

What are you going raise?

When satan strikes you bringing all kinds of bad-health, finances, death, troubles, what are you going to raise to God? A lamentation? Are you going to cry out in pain and agony and complaint? Or… A Hallelujah? Praise no matter what? Raise a Hallelujah!


I like to bake, but I usually don’t have a lot of time. And the things I’d like to bake are things I shouldn’t eat anyway! Every Christmas Eve, I make homemade Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for us to have on Christmas morning. It has become a tradition that my family really likes. There are a… Continue reading Sifted


Have you ever heard of the term frienemy? It is a combination of friend and enemy. Do you have any of these? My daily Bible reading has just started Job. We all know that satan was allowed to take everything away from Job except his life. satan was limited by God. Did God know what… Continue reading Frienemy?


When I was a senior in high school, we had a house fire. I was home alone and wanted to start a fire in the fireplace. So, I did what I’d always seen my daddy do. I put the current ashes in a paper sack and set it out in the garage. It didn’t take… Continue reading Ashes