Like, Love or What?

When we are kids growing up, we want to be accepted maybe more than anything. We want everyone to like us. We get upset when our school mates say things like, ‘You’re not my friend anymore.’ I see it even today in my students at school.

But as an adult it is not much different. Those of us who use social media of any kind, see it. We post things and want people to click that ‘like’ or ‘love’ button. It seems we are relying on a computer and virtual friends for our self worth.

We see so much every day on social media. We see people who ‘vent,’ and everything they put on is negative and way too personal for such an audience. We see some who know how to balance the positive with the negative. And then there are those who are only posting positive things.

I’m not saying any of this is wrong. What I am saying is two things: First, we need to watch what we put on social media and why. Are we using it as an outlet to bash someone, some company, some group? Or are we using it to uplift and let someone know we care?

Second, are we using social media for our own self-esteem? After we post something, are we waiting with bated breath for the ‘likes,’ ‘loves,’ and comments? Is that what is most important in our lives? Or are we getting our confidence and self-worth from the One who created us? The only One who can give us what we need in every way?

I know my own kids, and me too, if I’m honest, have fallen into the category of seeing all the negativity on social media and letting it weigh us down. I think if it wasn’t for putting my blog on FaceBook and being able to see what my kids at college are doing on occasion, I may not even be on any social media.

We all need to think twice about what we post and why we are posting. How would I feel if someone posted nasty against me? How would I feel if someone told me they’d sent up prayers for me?

If we are going to be on social media, let’s be positive all the time!

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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