There’s a popular saying “Let go and let God.” We all know it’s easier said than done.

Last Wednesday my youngest daughter’s college was on lockdown for an active shooter. I was in the middle of teaching class and started receiving all those texts of panic and worry. I did the only thing I knew to do. I stopped my class and told them what was going on and that we needed to pray. They all agreed, and one of those sweet students said a wonderful prayer for us all. Later after it was over and the class was leaving, one of the students asked me why I was so calm. I asked him who is in control? The class all said God! (I am thankful to be at a Christian school where we can stop and pray anytime and talk about God all the time!)

In going through life, I have learned, and am continually still learning, to let things go. It is a conscience daily decision. Often, it’s many times a day!

Things happen. Things are gonna happen. We have to choose trust instead of fear. Patience instead of hurrying. Faith instead of worry. Prayer instead of control.

We aren’t in control of anything.

Thankfully, there was no active shooter. The school did the right thing in locking down the building. Everyone was safe.

I think sometimes God locks us down. He takes a choice out of our hands. He turns us in another direction. He puts the Holy Spirit in our path to make us do something else.

I am thankful I am not in control. I want to be guided by God’s all-knowing power and not my own weak nothingness.

I want to be on lockdown with God!

Photo by Ali Morshedlou on Unsplash


  1. So thankful your daughter and her school were okay! Great post today….it’s a very freeing thought to know God is in control, if only we would/could stay focused upon that assurance.
    Have a safe holiday weekend.

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