You’ve heard, I’m sure, the saying “like a fish out of water,” but have you ever felt that way? A time when you knew you were out of your element, you had no idea what was happening, everything was beyond your control. You felt helpless which led to your being or, at the very least, feeling unstable.

There’s a tree on our farm that has a lot of mistletoe in the top of it. At the bottom it looks like this:

Duck Trace, Mistletoe Tree, July 2020

Looking at this tree, it would appear unstable with a big part of its trunk protruding out like the picture shows. But it isn’t unstable. It’s trunk is huge and its roots are deep.

One person in the Bible who I imagine had his fair share of unstable moments was David. After all of his sins, God still thought of David as “a man after His own heart.”

David’s roots were deep.

In Psalm 89 verse 21, God says of David, I will steady him with my hand; with my powerful arm I will make him strong.

God will do this for us too! God uses us when we feel or even are unstable for His good purpose.

If God can take a man who committed adultery and murder and use him, who am I to think He cannot and will not use me?

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