When I was young, I played all the sports I could. Most of those sports required running. Running up and down a court, running the bases, or running just to get into shape.

I do not like to run. I never have except when playing a sport.

I can’t run anymore (unless I had to). I like to walk. Sometimes it feels like I could walk forever.

What must it have been like for Adam, Enoch, or Abraham to walk with God? Side by side. Talking.

There have been many songs about running, but there is one by Zach Williams I have come to love. It’s called Walk With You.

In the chorus he says “In this runnin’ with the devil world I’m gonna walk with You.”

This world is running with the devil. Every bad thing is because of him and sin.

All the more reason every one of us need to walk with God!

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