What’s that smell?

Have you ever smelled something that was so bad you thought you might get sick? Have you ever smelled anything so good that you couldn’t help but continue to sniff so you could relive that wonderful smell over and over?

Then, there are the times I go to my mom’s house and smell my daddy there. I can smell him where his clothes used to be. I can smell him in the chair he used to sit in. That is a bitter sweet smell.

In my daily Bible reading, I’m in 2 Samuel. This morning’s reading told about David’s battles and how God was with him. In chapter 10 verse 6 it says the Ammonites saw they had become a stench to David. I thought about this.

Of course, isn’t talking about the actual sense of smell. It is referring to the fact that David didn’t like them anymore.

I wonder how many people think I’m a stench? I think I could name a few!

I also have some people who are a stench to me, at least sometimes.

And I KNOW I am a stench to God often. It doesn’t mean we don’t love those people or that they don’t love us. God loves us always. It just means we disappoint Him and others, and they disappoint us too.

Like any odor, the stench eventually goes away.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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