This picture in a way makes me sad. I know what this feels like. An empty nest. The mother works so hard to make the nest perfect for her eggs and little babies.

Then it is empty.

But on a more positive note, the mother goes on to make another nest as in the case of robins.

Like the mother bird, those of us who are ’empty nesters’ must go on to make something new of our lives.

We pray we’ve done and said the right things and been the best example we could have been. Even if/when our kids make bad choices, we pray they remember the things we taught them when they were in our homes. We praise them when they are making good choices too.

The empty nest is a part of life. That is the way God made it to be.

My advice to new parents is first and foremost-PRAY! But also make good use of the time you have with them. It isn’t easy, but it goes by so, so fast!

You’re gonna miss them when they are gone!

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