Lay It Down

When I was younger and played school sports, I was good enough to win some trophies. One of the first ones I ever won was in 8th grade playing volleyball. I remember at the end of the season banquet my coach said she’d created the category of ‘Rookie of the Year’ so she could acknowledge my ability and contribution to the team.

I was pretty proud of all those trophies that came throughout the years.

But they don’t mean anything today. I’m pretty sure they were thrown away in one of our moves in the past. If I had them around, I think they’d be a sore reminder of what I can no longer do physically and all the physical pain I’m in now because of being athletic back then.

However, there is one trophy I still carry. You can’t see it, but hopefully you see evidence of it. It is one made of gold with jewels of red and green and blue. I imagine it’s the most beautiful one ever made. I wear it on my head.

It is my crown. Because I am a daughter of the King!

One day I’ll lay that crown at Jesus’ feet. His wounded feet just for me.

Perhaps it will be a trophy I’ll get to keep forever on a shelf in the room my Savior is creating for me in His Father’s mansion.

There’s a stirring deep within me
Could it be my time has come?
When I’ll see my gracious Savior
Face to face when all is done. Is that His voice I am hearing?
Come away my precious one.
Is He calling me?
Is He calling me? I will rise up, rise up
And bow down
And lay my crown
At His wounded feet

Photo by Roma Kaiuk on Unsplash

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