Give Me Your Ear

As I get older, I am having more and more trouble hearing. I have had my hearing checked and am not at the ‘needing a hearing aid’ point…yet. But I do find myself asking people to repeat their words, and many times I am bending over to let them get closer to my ear so I can clearly hear them.

I came across a verse in the Bible the other morning that caught my eye as I read it.

Psalm 116:2, says Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!

God actually bends down to listen to little ole me pray. What a powerful and humbling thing.

He isn’t bending down because He’s hard of hearing. He’s bending down because He cares so much about me and what I have to say to Him.

The bottom line is God wants to hear from us. He loves us so much!!

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