Weavin’ and Bobbin’

As a young driver, sometime my friends and I would drive rather carelessly, as teenagers tend to do. It’s a wonder we’re all alive. We called it weavin’ and bobbin’ as we tried to get around slower cars.

One of the roads I take to work is getting ready to be paved. It has been a long slow process lasting for years. The road seems to be getting worse as we drivers go along it each day, and the potholes just seem to be getting deeper and more numerous.

Yesterday morning as I drove down that road, I found myself weavin’ and bobbin’ trying to avoid those potholes I know could damage my car.

It made me think about life.

Don’t we find ourselves weavin’ and bobbin’ around the potholes of life, trying to turn and twist away from the things that will harm us or flatten us? Then, we come to a pothole we didn’t see or we just weren’t paying close enough attention…and boom! We cringe as we bounce through it hoping the damage isn’t too bad.

But even if we hit the worst pothole and it damages our car, we have insurance. Just like in our lives as Christians, if we hit a pothole, we have insurance with the best Agent who is always ready for us to call Him for help!

Perhaps that’s when we say “Jesus take the wheel!”


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  1. Love this ❤️ Thank you Father for being the best Agent! I could not imagine life without having the assurance of salvation and protection from someone greater 🙌🏾

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