Under My Feet

When I was a kid, my mom accidentally ran over my foot with the car.

On two separate occasions!

As the driver, my mom had listened for all the car doors to shut, but she didn’t know I was still getting in the car. I remember it felt as if someone had stepped on my foot, not really painful but very memorable.

I am reminded of it when I hear the song Under My Feet by Zach Williams.

When God cursed the serpent after Adam and Eve had sinned in Genesis 3, He put satan under our heels. Essentially, we step on him. This is more than ‘Get behind me satan!’

When something gets stepped on (or run over!), it hurts. While we do not need to dwell on satan, we do need to know he’s there constantly trying to bite our heel as we step on him.

One line in the song says maybe you need reminding, you’re under my feet.

Remind him every second of every day Who wins this battle and that he is under our feet!

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