I was privileged to go to Washington D.C. twice with each of my daughters on their 8th grade trips. During one of those, we were able to tour the White House. I was amazed at the security. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, after all it is where the President lives.

As we got to the first of many checkpoints still outside the building, a guard was there with a list of our names. We had submitted our full legal names weeks before, I suppose for them to do a quick search to see which of us could be a terrorist threat. If our names weren’t correct on his list and exactly like we had given weeks before, we didn’t get to go in the building.

As one of the parents reached the guard and gave his name, the guard looked at him and we all knew. His name wasn’t there or wasn’t correct. He didn’t get to go in.

Yesterday in Bible class, our teacher made a kind of joke about names being misspelled in God’s Book of Life. He meant no harm, but it got me thinking. Could this happen?

I don’t think so. God doesn’t make mistakes.

But names can be omitted.

Make sure your name is there! You don’t want to get to the first guard and be turned away!

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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