The Reminder

It’s hanging in her closet. Still in the dry-clean plastic. So beautiful. Thoughtfully, hand-picked. The fit just right. The color perfect.

I often wonder how long it’s been there. How long has the planning been complete?

What are the other things she wants and doesn’t want?

She’s mentioned a few.

What else does my mom want when she dies?

It makes me think of my own wishes for when I die.

While I don’t have an outfit already hanging in my closet, I do have some wishes. I would like certain songs played and certain words said.

What must it be like to see that outfit hanging there day after day as a reminder then end is near?

All of us have an end that is near. We are but a vapor, here for just a little while.

As I get older, I see my reminder every single day….in the mirror.

That is my reminder. The end is coming.

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