Go Back

A few times in my 50+ years, I’ve been asked if I’d go back. Would I go back and live my life again? My answer is almost always no, unless I could take what I know back with me. I don’t know that I would change much, but I know I would change some things.

If you’re on Facebook or have Google Photos, you know the function that pops up reminding you of last year or previous years. My one year memories came up last week and reminded me I was camping in Alabama.

On this camping trip we saw Eddie Money in concert. If you lived in the 70’s and 80’s, you might know who he was. He recently died of throat cancer, and when we were at the concert, we could tell something was not right with him. He mostly talked his songs. His daughter sang several and seemed to help him out at times.

One song he sang is called I Wanna Go Back. When you listen to this song, the lyrics are rather sad. When he died, I thought about him singing this song and how I’m sure he wished he could go back and change his lifestyle choices. Perhaps he would have lived longer.

I don’t know why God created us to be able to remember the past. I am glad He did though.

But we can never go back except in our minds.

Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

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