What is it Good For?

There was a song that came out in 1969, called War What is it Good For? Of course, it was meant to protest the Vietnam War. As a young girl, I can remember watching the news at dinnertime and seeing the videos showing the war.

In the early 1990’s we had the Gulf War. The news showed missile strikes, bombed out buildings, and dessert colored tanks and other vehicles. We kept soldiers there to fight whatever was left and eventually took down the horrible ruler in 2006.

In 2003, I wrote to a soldier there. I didn’t know him personally, only through my sister, who knew his father. To my great surprise, he wrote me back a poem he’d written that I keep in my Bible. Here is it:

Operation Iraqi Freedom

It is the day February twenty first, a day we prepared for, a day that was cursed. For that is the day we left for Iraq, said goodbye to our loved ones and took up our packs. Got bused to the airport to catch our flight. All ready for war to show we can fight. Thoughts and emotion hard to contain, then started the engines and up went the plane. February two three would be the date, when our seven-sixty-seven lands in Kuwait; off to the camp and ready our stuff, the road ahead is going to be tough. Finally we cross the L.O.D., unknown the future too hard to see. Pushing on through, driving at night and see lots of damage from earlier fights. 3rd LAR in the fight every day, creating new history along the way. Green warriors are we, the tip of the spear, the enemy knows us and runs in fear. Fighting so well, get put on T.V., our nation and families great bravery they’ll see. Doing the right thing take Sadaam out of power, he runs and hides for he is a coward. His people don’t love him but feared his strength, living in poverty at great length. Defeated the enemy to give back these lands, no longer controlled by such evil hands. People cheering as we pass, they all waved thanking us for their lives are now saved. Help with the cleanup, yes we are willing, and pray God’s forgiveness for all the killing. Anticipating the day we depart from Iraq, done it right this time, we won’t have to come back. Return to our loved ones we sorely miss, we’ll see them, hug and give them a kiss. Fly back to the U.S. with all my brothers, waiting arms open who else but our mothers. Reunited with families, mothers with sons, only then will this mission truly be done. Written by Cpl. Kenneth R,. Groeneweg, U.S.M.C.

Reading between the lines, there is a lot of emotion. Between the fear of the unknown to the horrible things a soldier sees to the coming home, each and every warrior suffers.

We are in a war now it seems. We are the fighting warriors. We may not be taking up a weapon literally, but we are in battle just the same. It is an unseen enemy except under a microscope that has affected everything and everyone as if in war time. The soldiers we see on TV today are the doctors and nurses who live in the worse part of this war. They are also the patients who struggle to breathe but fight to recover.

Pray for the soldiers. Pray for those warriors in the fight of their lives.

May we never forget to thank the soldiers who helped to give us the freedom we have in the United States of America!

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