Just Smile

Yesterday, I had to drive into Franklin for a doctor’s appointment.

When I parked in the lot, I waited to see what other people were doing as far a wearing a mask and gloves or not. I saw some wearing them and some not, so I decided to forego both.

When I walked in the door, nurses were set up to stop patients, ask questions and take temperatures. The floor was marked so we could stand 6 feet apart. I had no symptoms or fever and was cleared to move to the receptionist’s desk. Once there, I was checked in and waited.

When I was finished, I went to the checkout desk. On the other side I could see patients checking in. One lady, probably in her 60’s, had her arm in a sling and was very short tempered with the receptionist. She was wearing a mask and gloves up to her elbows, the kind you use to wash dishes. She turned to an older lady behind her and yelled at her to back up because she didn’t even have a mask on. Immediately, the lady backed up with the aid of her cane and put her eyes down.

Behind the older lady stood a mother and her daughter both wearing masks. After the yelling, they moved over to get behind me, waiting their turn six feet away. I turned and looked at the mom and said, “Fear makes people short tempered.” She agreed.

All this made me think. We are wearing masks, but what is underneath them?

I hope it is a smile. I hope that smile reaches your eyes.

When I left the building, I purposely stopped and thanked the nurses who were checking to make sure anyone entering was healthy. There were no patients at the moment, so they were sitting.

They had their masks down on their necks taking a breather…

and smiling!

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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