Here for You

These are weird unprecedented times we are living in with the Corona virus around the world. So many things have changed for most people. It’s like we are living out a storyline from a movie or a book.

One thing I’ve seen and heard so different are the commercials on TV. From insurance and lawyers, to hardware companies and restaurants, they are saying they’re here for us.


But don’t we all do that in life? When someone has a death in the family or a real problem, we say we’re here for you or we’ll pray for you. What do we actually do?

Do we go get groceries for them? Do we pick up their meds? Do we mow their lawn? Do we really pray for them?

I realize some people really do these things for others, but most of us merely say the words.

Love is a verb. It is an action word.

I know I have family and friends I can call on, people at church I can ask to help, but should we even have to ask?

Yes! We do. We have to let people know we are hurting and what we need. I’ll admit I am not good at this. I hold it all inside for whatever reason and try to do it all myself.

We need to first go to God then not be afraid to ask for help from others He has put in our lives.

What do you need today?

Photo by Alexis Fauvet on Unsplash

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