Well…Good Morning

If you’ve read even some of my blog, you know we live on a farm. I blog about it a lot because I feel like there’s no other place quite like it. Oh, I’m sure there is to some people, but because God gave it to us and it’s ours, it is special.

Why you may ask? Because it’s a sanctuary. Not just for my husband and me but for so much more.

I’ve often blogged about the different animals we see such as deer, turkey, snakes, and bugs. Honestly, I don’t mind the bugs…when they stay outside. I do not like bugs. I’d rather see a snake than a bug, but I want neither in my house.

This morning beside the coffee pot was my morning greeter. A stink bug! One of the most dreaded creatures that we have!

Stink Bug Control Info: How to Get Rid of Stink Bug

I despise them! You can’t just kill them. They have to be gotten with toilet paper and flushed less they stink up your trash can and, in turn, the house.

I thought about the TP shortage as I killed my greeter this morning.

Oh well.

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