I Wonder…

Have you ever seen something and wondered, “What was that person thinking?” or “Why did he do that?”

On the way to my job, I usually take the back roads. It is a couple of minutes longer, but the drive is nice since there is less traffic and beautiful scenery.

The first time I drove this route, I saw this…

Dark Mills Road, February 2020

In the middle of nowhere, no houses around, just a forest, stands one tree with a huge clock on it.

Why? Who needs to tell time in the middle of nowhere? The clock doesn’t even work. It’s been 5:33 each time I’ve driven by it.

So why? Why did that person put a clock on a tree? What was he thinking?

We have a mantel clock in our house that is always set to 7:00. My husband put it on that particular time because our wedding started at 7 P.M. so long ago.

Perhaps 5:33 is special to the tree clock person? Maybe something special, either good or bad, happened? Did he put a clock there instead of flowers or a cross where someone was killed in a car accident?

Lots of questions to ponder. I guess I’ll never know. But it is interesting to wonder about the clock on the tree!

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