If we allow ourselves, we can all sit down and have our very own pity party. We can all come up with things to complain about and depress ourselves.

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store here in Columbia. There is one I particularly like because it has that home town feeling…like being in Mayberry.

When I was ready to checkout, I looked for the shortest line and found it. As I was unloading my cart behind the lady in front of me, I glanced at the cashier.

I was amazed! Her right hand was shriveled up, and she couldn’t use it or even that arm.

The lady in front of me and I, both, had full carts, but our checkout lady was not daunted.

She smiled, asked if we’d found everything, and was generally kind and helpful as she scanned each item with her one good, left hand. It made me wonder if she was left-handed or had to learn to use it.

It also got me thinking about myself. I tend to be negative and complain sometimes without even realizing it.

We (especially me!) need to be aware of our blessings and count them all the time! We need to have the outlook like the checkout lady. Yes, we may have been dealt a blow, but we can push on, smile, and be kind.

She had every reason to be sitting on her couch, but she was using her one good hand and arm to serve others with her smile and positive outlook whether she realized it or not.

What is your outlook today? It isn’t any trouble just to S M I L E.

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