He Knows!

Have you ever tried to help a friend or loved one through a trying time only to fail because you could not identify with how they were feeling. The sympathy was there, but because you had not ever experienced their trial, there was no empathy.

Sometimes I think we don’t really believe Jesus went through all He experienced that we read in the Bible.

Oh, we say He was human and God at the same time, but do we really believe that He was human and had all the pain and suffering that we do.

He was! He did!

He knows!

He knows temptations, being poor and frustrated, tired and weary, sadness, teasing and mockery, exclusion and loneliness, death and dying.

Just like we do! He can empathize with us, not just give us sympathy.

He knows!

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

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