Know and Known

Do you know? I mean really, really know?

Do you really know God? Do you spend time with Him? That is, after all, how we get to know someone.

Does He know you? Yes, of course. But the real question may be, do you want Him to know you? He knows you, really knows you, whether you want Him to or not.

He knows what you do in secret. He knows every single thought you think. He knows every single action you make.

He knows.

But if we have the kind of heart God we should, if we are lovely enough to be loved, then isn’t it great that He knows us?

He wants to know us! Even with all our sins and mistakes! He wants us to want to spend as much time with Him as He wants to spend with us!

How wonderful to be fully known!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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