Remind Me

Do you know who you are? Or maybe the question should be, do you know whose you are?

On Sunday morning our minister, Randy Owens, has been preaching a series on identity. It has really made me think about who I am, who I think people think I am, and who God knows I am.

We put labels on everyone. A lot of labels are negative even if they are true. If we label ourselves, we tend to become the identity of that label. If we label others, we tend to see only that in them.

So, who are we?

If we are Christians, then we are ‘In Christ!’ That is who we are and whose we are. That is what should shine out of every single thing we do! From the words we speak, to the way we treat others, to the way we treat ourselves.

We need to be reminded of who we are! Watch the video/song below. It is a good one!

Remind me who I am!

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