When I was growing up, as the youngest of 4 children, I often was the tag-along. Whether I or they wanted me to or not, I often had to go with my siblings to things like sports practice and games.

Looking back, those times made a huge impact on my life. Watching my oldest sister play 3 on 3 basketball made me want to play too. So, I did play all the sports I could growing up.

But it was going to practices with my middle sister that made the most impact on me. There I met a man who I remember spent time with me. This little 8-9 year old girl running around. He would play basketball with me after practice. He would teach me. He took the time.

He later became my coach for soccer, basketball, and softball, where he made even more of an impact on me. He left our school when I was in high school, which also made a huge impact. I remember being so angry with him because I knew our team wasn’t going to be as good with him not coaching us. I still have the letters he wrote to me in response to ones I wrote to him.

He is still around. If I mentioned his name, you might know it. You see, he’s been in the news a lot over the years. He’s had a heart attack on the basketball court and lived. He has been shot in the church building where he preaches and lived.

God isn’t not done letting this man make an impact. He still coaches. He still preaches. He still makes an impact.

Take the time today to stop and listen. To teach. To show someone something. They will remember.

Make an impact.

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

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