There are a lot of things that we have to take on faith. We eat at restaurants where our food is prepared by others we cannot see. By faith we hope they aren’t sick and are preparing our food correctly. We have faith in others that they will do what they say. We have faith in things like our car starting in the morning or our appliances working.

But what about our faith in God? Faith in a God who in the Old Testament did a lot of things or allowed a lot of things I just don’t understand? There were many battles where everyone and everything living was destroyed. There was the time Saul called on a witch to get Samuel back from the dead. I can go on and on with things I don’t agree with or fully grasp.

Even though I’ve heard sermons and lessons on this, I still ask myself, what do we do with the God of the Old Testament? But, this is one area where we have to have faith. God is our Creator. He IS all-knowing. There are things we as humans cannot wrap our teeny brains around to understand.

Sometimes I can picture God up in Heaven shaking His head smiling as we discuss some topic we cannot possible understand. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We have to have faith in Him. What else is there to really and truly rely on in this world except the One who created it?

So smile right along with God as we humans try to explain what we cannot, as we argue about what we will never understand this side of Heaven.

Have faith!

Photo by antonio ochoa on Unsplash

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