I love storms. I love to sit outside if I can feeling the wind and hearing the rain and thunder.

At worship last Sunday in one of the songs we sang, there was a line that says, “He comes riding on the storm.”

I have thought about that a lot these past two days. We have many storms in the spring and at other times. Some of these storms have rainbows within them, so God is there as well.

But I think it means more to know that He is riding our storms with us in this life. We have so many storms to survive especially as Christians. Satan attacks us with his lightning bolts all the time, but God is right there with us helping us dodge them, or He blocks them for us.

I believe there are many times we are saved by God and His messengers, the angels, from things that are meant to harm us. When we have to face those things though, God is right there with us riding the storm.

If you’re in a storm right now or the next time you are in one, for they will come, remember that picture of God riding the storm with you.

Photo by Isaac Wendland on Unsplash

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