People don’t write letters anymore like in the past. We have the convenience of the telephone and emails now days. But there is something about getting a handwritten letter in the mail that can make you smile.

If you were to get a letter from someone you loved and one who loved you greatly, how would you treat it? Would you cherish it? Would you put it in a special place to be taken out and read over and over again?

We have a special letter like this! We have the Bible, God’s love letter to us! It saddens me to see how it is treated often. I see it thrown around, put on the floor during worship, and generally not treated with the respect it should be. We treat a letter from someone else greater than the best love letter of all time.

We should put it in a special place…our hearts of course, but also some place special where we can take it out daily and read it over and over.

The next time you have your Bible out, remember that it is the best written love letter of all time! It is written to you and me! It is from the One who loves us unconditionally and fully!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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