At the Cross

Capital punishment has been around a long time. In Biblical days the Romans used crucifixion as one of their ways to punish criminals. Many people were hung on a cross. I think we forget this sometimes.

The way Jesus died was an every day occurrence for the people back then. But the difference is Jesus was innocent.

Today, we wear crosses around our necks, on our fingers, and in our earlobes. We have crosses in our church buildings and homes, and sometimes we see them on the side of the road where someone has died. There is no way the people back then would have done any of this. It would be like us today wearing a little electric chair or hypodermic needle as our jewelry.

I don’t think it’s wrong though some may argue that it is. I think we should use the cross as a remembrance of what Jesus did for us.

I have several crosses. Some you wouldn’t notice and others you see in plain sight.

There’s a song called At the Cross by Chris Tomlin that is beautiful. Listen to it when you get a moment.

Whether you wear one or just see a cross, let it be something that calls to mind what Jesus did for us.

Let it be the place where you meet Him.

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