Under the Rug

My siblings and I were brought up to sweep our problems under the rug so that no one knew we had any troubles. It may have seemed to others looking in that we were the perfect family. Only those closest to our family knew of anything wrong. But we were definitely not the perfect family! We had issues and conflicts like any other family.

As an adult, I still find myself wanting to sweep my problems under the rug! Isn’t it easier to do that rather than have to think about or deal with problem? Kind of like burying your head in the sand?

But we cannot always do that because issues and problems not dealt with regurgitate. They come back over and over if they aren’t at least talked about in the open.

It is a hard thing to do revealing feelings, hurts, and struggles, but I’ve come to learn it is very necessary.

The easy way out is to sweep and sweep until all that dust and filth is hidden under the rug so no one sees it. Not even me because I don’t have to lift that rug and clean under it!

But to be mentally healthy, I have to.

Sometimes, actually quite often, I have to take that rug outside and beat it until no more dust is flying in the air.

It’s not easy to beat that rug over and over. But once it’s clean or as clean as it’s going to get, doesn’t it look better lying on the floor?

Photo by HS Spender on Unsplash

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