Stranger Things

There’s a popular show out these days called Stranger Things. We began watching it once, but I don’t like scary and eerie shows. So when in one episode, the wall looked like there was a person trying to get out, I was done.

There are a lot of strange things and people in this world we come in contact with everyday. I don’t need to see more on TV shows. Give me something happy. A show where they all live happily ever after.

My family teases me sometimes because I don’t like to watch a scary or sad show unless it ends happy. The guy gets the girl and they ride off into the sunset.

Nature has a lot of strange things. I think God has a great sense of humor. I believe that is a part of His nature that we have. To see the way He made a giraffe or a hippo or a walking stick is just strange!

If you read this blog, you know we have a farm God has allowed us to buy where we are building a house. While there is so much beauty around us, we also see a lot of strangeness on the land.

I didn’t know some of these animals existed. Did you ever think why God created so many animals? Probably the food chain?

One of the strangest we see is a fox squirrel. I have never seen one before! He comes up to our patio at the cabin to get the walnuts that have fallen from the tree above. He is so beautiful with his white face and reddish fur.

Fox Squirrel Duck Trace Farm

There are many ‘stranger things’ in God’s creation.

I have to remember that I am one of them…….Sometimes!


  1. Strange things make us look I suppose! It also gives us the opportunity to see the beauty in all things! I love to see the strange things in life. It gives me time to pause and wonder why or it touches my heart when it involves a tragedy. God knows what will get to us when it is needed!

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