Be Nice

We love to watch The Andy Griffith Show. It’t probably one of the cleanest shows on TV these days. But it’s interesting how many times Andy bent the truth to keep others from being hurt.

In one episode Andy and Barney are trying to get a date for Thelma Lou’s cousin, Mary Grace, for a dance they’ve been planning on for a long time. They finally get Gomer to go.

Mary Grace is not pretty. In fact Barney calls her a dog. Gomer keeps asking them what she looks like, and they keep telling him ‘she’s nice.’

I used to tell my kids people either become ugly or beautiful when you get to know them. Some of the most gorgeous people can become like a dog when you get to know them and see how they truly are inside.

And some of the ugliest people can become beautiful when you see their beauty within.

The Bible tells us God looks on the inside at the heart. That is the way He judges us. That is the way we need to look at others. Not at their physical features but what is on the inside.

So today as you meet people, “Be nice!” Let your beauty come from within and shine out like Jesus. And look for the ‘niceness’ in others too.

If they have any!

Photo by Christen LaCorte on Unsplash

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