Nothing But the Blood

When my nephew was little, he was terrified of blood, especially when he saw his own. Once we were at a family gathering, he got a small cut and went ballistic! He panicked and was almost uncontrollable. Blood isn’t pleasant to think about. It is sticky and turns very dark, almost black, as it dries.

We know blood is important to us physically. It flows through our bodies, and without it, we would die. It is a cleanser as well. When we get a cut, it bleeds for a purpose, to cleanse the wound. Any germs or dirt in the cut get washed away.

But blood is even more important to us spiritually. Without it our souls would die lost for eternity. Like the physical wound, there is blood that cleanses us.

Jesus’ blood.

It cleanses us as we meet Him in baptism. Then, as Christians it continually flows over us washing us white as snow.

Nothing but THE Blood. Thank You for the blood!

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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