Lookin’ Back

They say you shouldn’t look back, and rightly so. I’ve even blogged about pressing forward and forgetting what is behind. Paul said it in the Bible.

But there are times we should look back. Sometimes we need to remember. We need to remember things that happened, friends that betrayed us, bad things we’ve done, so they don’t get repeated in the future.

Most of all we need to look back to remember and see what God has done in our lives. I don’t think we do this enough.

We need to sit, take the time to be still, remember, and thank God for getting us through all that we’ve come from. We may not have seen Him in it at the time, but often looking back, we can see He never left us during those times.

In our Sunday school class we are studying the book of John, one of my favorites! But we got to the crucifixion yesterday. I couldn’t help but wonder if those Jews that killed Jesus ever looked back and regretted what they did? Did they even realize it? Did they repent of it?

Do we?

We are just as guilty of putting Christ on the cross as any of them! He did that for us! And every time we sin, we put Him right back on the cross because that is the only way we can receive forgiveness.

Sit. Be still. Often. Remember. Look back. Talk with God. Say thank You!

Photo by Ben Warren on Unsplash

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