How can anyone say there is no God?!?

As I sit and watch these birds on our window ledge, I am amazed at God’s creation.

The mother bird has built such a good nest to withstand the winds and storms. It is the perfect size for her body as she sat on those eggs before they hatch and now sits on the newborn birds to keep them warm.

She leaves the nest every few minutes all day and night to feed her little ones. When she returns with a worm or bug in her mouth, she gives a chirp. Then three little heads pop up with mouths fully open waiting for the food. They are growing so fast. Pretty soon they’ll have all their feathers and leave the nest, just as God intended in His marvelous creation.

Sometimes I think people who want scientific proof aren’t scientifically educated at all. I don’t understand how they can’t see all this detail in the people, animals, and the world created and that it couldn’t have just happened somehow.

God is real. He is the Creator. He is the One to be praised.


  1. Wow! That’s an awesome picture and an awesome example of God’s creation and His power! Thanks for continuing to share the story of this little robin family.

  2. This is a great reason, and explanation of God’s creation. Any reasonable person with common sense should be able to see and know that God is real. This is the wondrous love of God in action. The love of a mother, even thought she’s a bird, is just one example of God’s love.
    Laurel, I love your writing, and look forward to tomorrow’s blog….

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