New Eyes

When you read the Bible, do you try to see something new each time? Being “raised in the church,” I have heard some of the stories many times. So when I read them again, I try to see something new, some new thought I haven’t seen before. I think the Holy Spirit helps us do this.

This morning in my daily reading schedule was the book of Ruth. It is one of my favorite readings because I am a sucker for a good romance! Also, it is full of lessons we can glean (no pun intended) for our lives today.

First, I see that Naomi must have been a great mother-in-law. She is the kind I want to be if I am so blessed. I want to be the person my sons-in-law love to be around, like Ruth and Orpah when they clung to Naomi and didn’t want to leave her.

I think we can read a lot into a story that doesn’t give all the details. I think Naomi taught Ruth all about God. Even though she doubted, Naomi was still faithful. I believe they prayed together everyday. After all, they only had each other until God provided again.

Ruth did the right things. She obeyed God and Naomi, and she was blessed to be in David’s lineage which we know produced Jesus. What a blessing!

Ruth was patient. I don’t think we think of her in that way, but she would have to have been. Not knowing the customs, going to work in the fields every day to provide for her and Naomi must have been difficult. I like to think she saw Boaz and it was love at first sight!

I hope you read your Bible every day to know God and become closer to Jesus. Make it a priority daily. Pray that the Holy Spirit show you something new you can apply to your life. See the Bible with new eyes!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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