Open Wide!

It’s hard to blog every single day. Some days I feel great in every way, and then other days I feel like I can’t keep a thought in my head. I know I’m not alone in this. Yesterday, was one of those days. Then, I came home to find that the robins’ eggs that are… Continue reading Open Wide!


This morning as I was working on the farm, a lot of things came to my mind, as usual. One thing was this is in some ways like Eden or Paradise here on earth. It is a beautiful place. Everything is so green now. I can hear the birds chirping and the turkeys cackling. But… Continue reading Eden

Move On

Shoulda woulda coulda. I have heard and said those words a lot as I’m sure you have too. I think we all feel that way about somethings sometimes. Before we become a parent, we think we will know everything and have all the answers. But we very quickly learn we don’t and never will! We… Continue reading Move On

I’ll be somewhere…

I love the song I’ll Be Somewhere, Listening that we sometimes sing during worship. It makes me think though, where will I be? These past few days, it has been on my mind where will I be when Jesus comes back? What will I be doing? Who will I be with? Will I be somewhere… Continue reading I’ll be somewhere…

Farm Life

I’ve written about our farm several times now. Forgive me if I over do it, but we love it so much and want to share. It is so different out there in some ways, and in other ways, it is very much like living in the city. I think one major difference is the animals.… Continue reading Farm Life


As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, this past weekend Chris and I camped at Stone Mountain Campground in Georgia. We have been to many campgrounds in the last few years. Some are nicer than others. It is fun to look around and compare them. I have taken a cue from a friend of mine and… Continue reading Help!

Atop the Mountain

There’s a place in Georgia called Stone Mountain. If you’ve never been there, I recommend going at least once. It is the largest piece of granite in the world. It rises up over 800 feet in the air. You can ride a tram car up to the top or walk it if you’re able. The… Continue reading Atop the Mountain

Sunday’s Here!

What must it have been like for Jesus’ followers after His death? I cannot imagine what they must have been thinking. I know how I have felt after the death of a loved one. But the difference is Jesus told those close to Him that He’d rise up. I wonder if they really believed Him?… Continue reading Sunday’s Here!

Moving on?

Have you ever done something so bad that you wonder how you’ll ever be able to get beyond it? Maybe you hurt someone very close to you, and you wonder how you’ll ever face that person again. Or maybe you’ve done something only God knows about, and you wonder how you’ll ever make it to… Continue reading Moving on?