Farm Life

I’ve written about our farm several times now. Forgive me if I over do it, but we love it so much and want to share.

It is so different out there in some ways, and in other ways, it is very much like living in the city. I think one major difference is the animals. There are less humans than in the city, so there are more animals who do what they want because we are the ones encroaching on their territory.

Last weekend before our camping trip, I was going to do some laundry. Our laundry is under our cabin, so it’s like going into a basement. When I walked in, I smelled an awful odor like something was dead. And indeed there was!

Somehow this mouse had gotten into the washing machine. It was, of course, dead as it couldn’t get out. It was a pretty big one, so I gave Chris the privilege of getting it out for me. 🙂

Then, there are times like this…

When God shows His handiwork! Sometimes all we can do is stop and watch what He is doing.

Life is an adventure anywhere you go if you only look for it!

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