Open Wide!

It’s hard to blog every single day. Some days I feel great in every way, and then other days I feel like I can’t keep a thought in my head. I know I’m not alone in this. Yesterday, was one of those days.

Then, I came home to find that the robins’ eggs that are on our window ledge had hatched. What a wonderful thing God has done! To see those little tiny baby birds with their eyes still shut is amazing. I can’t fathom how some think there is no God and that those kind of things in nature “just happened!”

In watching the mother bird, she sits on those tiny creatures to keep them warm as they do not have feathers yet. Then, she flies away for a few minutes only to come back with food for them. They stretch their tiny heads up with their huge mouths open, and she feeds them.

Isn’t this what we do with God sometimes? We just sit there with our mouths open wide waiting for God to feed us! It’s wonderful how He is always waiting for us to do that so He can love us and take care of us.

Praise His name!

Here are the birds. It is hard to get a good picture, but there are four of them. Just little balls of skin and bones with beating hearts, but when that mother comes back with food, they perk up with those mouths wide open!


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