Move On

Shoulda woulda coulda. I have heard and said those words a lot as I’m sure you have too. I think we all feel that way about somethings sometimes.

Before we become a parent, we think we will know everything and have all the answers. But we very quickly learn we don’t and never will! We just do the best we can and make a lot of mistakes along the way. We remember things our parents said and did and either repeat them or try to do it better.

That is all we can do, with anything.

So, when we become adults and leave home, we have decisions to make. We can dwell on how good or bad our childhoods were, or we can move on from it. Take the good and make it better. Take the bad and overcome it.

So many times today, I think the kids try to blame parents. I know I did for a while. It’s easier to place blame on something or someone else than to own up to it.

I hope my own kids read this and know they were and are loved. I hope they saw something good in their dad and me that they want to repeat with their own kids. I hope they will take what they think was not good and make it better. I hope they can forgive anything they feel was bad because no one is perfect.

I think every parent out there can probably say, “I should have done ______ better!” And if you’re not a parent, you’re still probably saying that about something!

But it’s time to move on!

Photo by Nicolas I. on Unsplash

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