When I was growing up I used to love (and still do) to sing “Count Your Blessings.” I don’t think we count our blessings enough. I know I don’t. The song says to count them one by one. Recently, my husband and I sat down and typed up every blessing we could think of. It was a powerful thing to do, and I would suggest you do it. From the largest to the smallest, write them down. We came up with pages and pages.

Last summer in June, I had major shoulder surgery. I was a lot more than what the doctor and I thought it would be. So, when I got home, I had 6 weeks in a sling, no one was home with me, I couldn’t do anything with that arm or hand, I couldn’t go swimming, and I was going to have to cancel going on some trips that I had planned. Needless to say, I was very depressed.

But as I sat in the recliner day after day, I would give myself a pep talk. And I prayed. A lot! And I only focused on the positive. The things I thought about were things like I still have an arm because a shark didn’t bite it off, time will heal, and it will work one day. I will get better. My pain is manageable. I counted my blessings.

This past Wednesday I brought my brother home from the hospital after having part of his knee replacement replaced. Yes, sounds weird, but that is what happened. As you can imagine, he was somewhat depressed. I shared with him what I had done with my shoulder. I pray for him and hope he is able to think about the blessings in this. He has a leg and it will work again. They didn’t have to amputate it as some have had to do in his situation due to infection. He can walk. His pain will decrease, and while he’s waiting for pain to decrease, drugs are good. Count the blessings.

As you go through each day, remember God is there. He is blessing you. Listen to this song as a reminder. Sing the song below. We don’t always see or understand it while we are in the moments of trial, but we will one day. And remember the greatest blessing of all. Jesus!

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  1. What a beautiful outlook on life. Regardless of how things are they can always be worse, and yes, I love that song.

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