What do you have that is priceless? Family, friends, a treasured thing? We can probably think of a lot of things that we would consider priceless.

But, did you know that you are priceless? There are times that we feel worthless, ignored, and downright lonely. But if we are a baptized Christ-follower, God sees us through Jesus. White as snow. Inside we may feel black as can be, but to God we are pure through the blood of His Son.

There’s a song by For King and Country called Priceless that I love. When I hear it, it makes me tear up. It talks about who we see when we look in the mirror is not really who we are or who God sees.

He sees us dressed in white, wrongs made right, a rose in bloom. Irreplaceable, so priceless.

Aren’t you glad God can see past what we see or what others see in us and see us through Jesus? I am!

Oh so priceless!

Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

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